there is so much to see

The good news first: I survived the last five days full of “goodbye-pints”, farewell parties and toothpaste attacks without any serious consequences. The bad one: saying bye for an indefinite time to people you spent 121 days in row with is way harder than expected. With my friends and my family in Austria I always knew that I would see them again in June at the very latest. However, my friends from Cork are now spread over the globe and bringing them all together won’t be easy.

Already miss those views

Still, it’s probably a good sign that this farewell hasn’t failed to leave its marks on me. It again showed me how much I enjoyed these four months and how glad I am about taking this opportunity. Luckily, the infamous “post-Erasmus-depression” hasn’t struck me yet since my friends (special thanks for the awesome “welcome-back-surprise”) and work keep me busy. In addition, I have a lot of journeys to plan with my new acquired worldwide connections - well, there is so much to see.

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