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are all irish gingers?

One of my favourite topics for a good conversation is no doubt stereotypes. I love to discuss whether Austrians are indeed grumpy pessimists (which we often are) or why Italians frequently make this weird hand gesture. Thus, within the aforementioned project I got the opportunity to take a closer look on Irish clichés and on what differentiates the island from central Europe. 

Live-saving information on handy postcards

During my research, I found out many interesting yet odd things about Ireland. Did you know, for example, that it’s 33% less likely to have AIDS in there than in Austria? I certainly didn’t. However, with my findings I designed a series of postcards called “Surviving in Ireland”. I gathered some toy cars, shamrocks and red hair and created all the graphics - from the images to the hand lettered typeface - by myself. Each of the eleven cards deals with a different area and altogether they give you a quick - partly objective - overview of the Irish. But see it for yourself - here’s my survival guide:

Browse through the clichés and peculiarities I found out about the Irish

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A digital book on studying in Ireland
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