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Besides the Cliffs of Moher, The Rind of Kerry is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ireland. It’s not an actual ring lying around somewhere in the county, but a stretch of road that start and end in the town of Killarney in County Kerry- hence the name. Of course, I couldn’t miss the scenic route and so I went – again – one Paddywagon tour with my friend, Eva, when she visited me.

The charming streets of Killarney

As I said before, the Ring starts in the small town of Killarney which lied at the border of a national park with a similar name. The colorful houses with its many cafes and shops and the mountain in the background make a really pleasant atmosphere. From Killarney, the road goes along the coast until the tip of the Ivergh Peninsula. Thereby, it passes the town of Waterville which was a frequent holiday destination of Charlie Chaplin. After, you climb a mountain pass, where you have a marvelous view over the coastline and the island Skellig Michael (where the latest Star Wars movies was filmed.)

Sweet views and even sweeter shops along the route


As soon as we finished lunch, we continued our tour to the town of Sneem. For some reason, I find the word “Sneem” utterly hilarious and I have to say it out loud every time I read it. ON the way back to Killarney, we stopped at the Torc waterfall and the famous “Ladies View” where you have a brilliant view over the lakes of the national park. Even though, the Ring of Kerry is absolutely beautiful, and a must see for every Ireland visitor, I thought it’s quite crowded and touristy in comparison to other parts of the country. Still, no regrets.

Selfie paradise a.k.a. “Ladies View”

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