the end is getting closer

As soon as I got off the plane from Glasgow to Dublin I eventually realized that there was only one month left before classes would finish and I’d have to leave Ireland. This frightened me in two ways: on one side, because there were only three weeks left to finish off all projects for university.

On the other side - and even worse - the whole Erasmus experience was slowly but surely coming to its end. I just got used to my life and the people in Cork and it still felt like it was only the beginning of my time abroad. Well, this was the point I grasped how short four months can be. Especially, when you are always busy doing a lot of good stuff.

Where did the time go - shesh

no time to whine

However, there was no point in getting sentimental as university work needed to be done, the usual party schedule continued and some other friends from home and my family visited me. Therefore, the weeks at the end of April and the beginning of May were really packed. Nonetheless, I still had a good craic.

For example, two of my best friends in Ireland finally won the Tuesday’s beer pong competition. They yet beat the mature hardcore players who practiced every week. We also found the craziest taxi driver in Cork. At every traffic light he picked up an ukulele and his harmonica and sang songs about the girls passing by on the street.

Using the remaining days wisely: more trips around Ireland

Moreover, I went on some small trips with my visitors from Austria: I eventually got to see the beautiful village of Kinsale with its coloured houses and nice seaside as well as  the popular Ring of Kerry. I took my family to my favourite spot in Ireland (you should already know which one it is) where we also strolled along the immense Inch beach and took some photos of the picturesque Dunquin Pier.

Get some more impressions of sweet Kinsale

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