twelve euro flight

After exploring Ireland during the first week of my break, I decided to join two friends from North America for a few days in the United Kingdom. So as soon as my girlfriend returned back home, I jumped onto the next plane to London.

Thanks to Ryanair, traveling within Ireland and the UK is a real bargain. For three flights (Cork – London – Glasgow – Dublin), I only paid 50 Euros. Thus, each flight was almost the same price as a one-hour bus ride from my hometown in Austria to city I study in.

Never gets old: Big Ben at night

it’s tea time, darling

Once I arrived in London, I immediately remembered why I love this city so much. Despite being a modern and cosmopolitan metropolis, the English charm of London never gets lost. When walking through the spacious streets I always feel like a fine English man going to his afternoon tea (although I don’t like tea). Our Hostel – the Horse & Stables – was located right next to the Waterloo Station with only a five-minute walk to the Westminster Bridge and Big Ben – you definitely can’t get a better location there for paying less then 20 bucks per night.

Some London classics

Due to the fact, it was m friends first time in London (and my third time) I played tour guide and showed them all the “London-Essentials”. From the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace to Covent Garden and the Tower Bridge – this city fills all the memory cards of every Asian tourist’s camera.

We also visited the Shard, which is the highest building in the EU – well, only as long as Britain is part of it. There you have stunning view all over the city and also the architecture of the skyscraper is worth visiting it.

Incredible view over the city from the Shard

you better treat yourself

With so much sightseeing we also got into the habit of having a sweet afternoon treat every day. I already miss the cupcakes, macarons, cookie dough, shortbread or whatever we could find along our way. While staying in London my friends also took my “Indian-food-virginity”. For some reason, I never thought of going to an Indian restaurant without knowing what I had missed during all those years.

The compulsory afternoon treat

They couldn’t believe it that I had never tried it before and so they took me straight to next Indian place. Even though I am a pussy when it comes to spicy eating, I absolutely enjoyed the food – especially the Tikka Massala. Obviously, I enjoyed it so much that we had to go to same restaurant the next day as well (sorry for that).

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