Dublin birthday bash

Once I arrived in Dublin, my girlfriend and some other friends from home were already waiting for me. Later on that day, some Erasmus companions joined our little road trip that was planned for the upcoming days. Thus, after celebrating my birthday in the capital- “special thanks” to the international lads for icing me( in case you don’t know what that is, Google it) – our Austrian/ French/ Dutch/Malaysian group headed towards the west coast of Ireland.

Juicy pints of Guinnes
Guinnes Storehouse
Trinity College
Trinity College
Dublin Flowers
Dublin Streetstyle
Dublin Streetstyle
It wasn't all beer in Dublin, honestly - even took some images

Our initial stop was Galway, which is probably the most Irish city in the country. Narrow lanes, colored houses and loads of street musicians distinguish the town and cover it with a traditional atmosphere. You almost expect shamrocks falling down from the sky and little leprechauns dancing around the corner

Galway City
The hometown of the pretty little Galway Girl

Thus, we strolled up and down the streets and had some fish and chips. After a few hours, we felt more Irish than ever. In Galway, a friend also showed me a life-saving travel hack, which I hadn’t realized before. When you have to go to the toilet in a strange city, just walk into an expensive hotel. The staff won’t stop you because they simply can’t know if you are a guest or not. I strongly recommend the toilets of the Hilton hotels; the bathrooms are fancy af.

Wild atlantic way

Once our stomachs were full and the bladders empty, we set out for the Atlantic coast – first to the Burren and then the Cliffs of Moher. But this time not as touristy as a few months earlier. At the Cliffs of Moher, we refused to pay the entrance at the visitor center – too mainstream – and so we found a second path to the cliffs a little bit more southwards. As most of the people stop at the visitor center and as it was already late in the afternoon we had the scenery almost to ourselves.

Way to Cliffs of Moher
Way to the Cliffs of Moher
Cliffs of Moher
Cool kids on high cliffs

Our lucky streak continued since the rainfall suddenly stopped as soon as we arrived at the edge the rainfall stopped, and the sun came out. Imagine this: at the horizon, a slowly starting sunset, 200 meters below you, the sea crashing against the immense cliffs and above you, a vibrant rainbow. It almost sounds too cheesy to be true.

I can tell you, there is hardly anything better than sitting there watching this spectacle with some of your best friends around you. Moreover, there were hundreds of seagulls showing off their flying skills and trying to photobomb my pictures. To be fair, these photobombs turned out to be some of the best shots I took in Ireland.

Cliffs of MOher
Sneaky seagulls and cheesy sunsets - Ireland at its best

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