After a few weeks in Cork, I found some places that I needed to be arranged within a “favorite spot in Cork” list. Thus, if you’re ever around the city, be sure to check these gems off your bucket list.

St Patrick’s Hill

Once you got onto the hill, you’re out of breath – not only because of the steep ascent but also because of the marvelous view over the city that awaits you. Perfect spot for relaxing and watching the sun go down.

My favourite view over Cork City

English market

The first recommendation in every travel guide  – not without a reason  – the market. The huge roof market features awesome, locally produce food: from the best bread in town too tempting treats and fresh fish. Tip: join a guided food tour by Fab Food Trails.

Food paradise: the English Market

UCC Campus

After strolling through the beautiful campus of Cork’s main university, you’ll feel hundred percent wiser than before. Especially the historic main quadrangle takes you straight to Oxford or Cambridge.

You can feel your IQ increasing just by walking past the majestic buildings

Shandon quarter

Even though I never saw a lot of people in the lanes around Shandon church, the area has a fascinating atmosphere to me. I’m not exactly sure what it is though - maybe the coloured houses or (presumably) the fish on top of the church.

A fish on top of the steeple? That’s my church

Fitzgerald park

If you go past the huge playground, you’ll find beautiful quiet spots along the river Lee. Besides the countless flower beds, you can also find some interesting architecture in the in the park.

Always watching you: “The Eye” in Fitzgerald park

Mutton- and crane lane

Despite the big number of pubs, I soon found my favorite ones in Cork. Both are former lanes that are roofed now and turned into dark charming bars sounds fine Irish beers, often sweet live music. Other nice birds include Franciscan Well, An Brog, Rising sons Brewery or Fionbarra.

Those pubs are more than just good beer

Burritos and blues

As already mentioned before, the burritos in this restaurant will literally bring you to cloud nine. In case you’re not into burritos (that I doubt) check out Son of a Bun- awesome burgers – or Ramen.


After trying several coffee shops in the city, I soon found my place. Filter is a little hipster café selling fine Block liquid and also some delicious treats. You should definitely try their exotic espresso shots which they carefully prepare.

Finest coffee that is brewed the fancy way

“church view” cobh

Even though the small town of Cobh is about 20 Km away from Cork City, you mustn’t miss this unique view of the church and the neatly arranged colorful houses in front of it. It may be hard to find this spot though.

One of the most picturesque places I’ve ever been to

clean city laundry

Yes, I didn’t do the laundry myself during those four months. Why? This laundry shop was as cheap using washing machines and my student accommodations. (Or using the washing machines were as expensive as going to the laundry shop.) By providing me with always soft, well folded clothes, it made its way into this list.

Thanks for keeping my socks clean

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