The challenge of our lives

“Please avoid wasting both our times by contacting me to say that the code does not work. It does work, if it is not working for you. You are doing it wrong. Simply try harder, don’t give up, keep trying. Nobody likes a failure or a quitter. Are you a failure or quitter? I hope not, because failures and quitters will be forced to wait outside in the cold until they become a winner and complete a simple task.” – Well, that’s not the usual e-mail you receive from your Airbnb host.

And you thought entering a door is always as easy as here

So before going to Dublin for the first time, our host put quite a pressure on us by sending these harsh lines. We had nightmares of being too clumsy to enter the door code correctly and being too frightened to contact him if we failed. Anyway, as soon as we arrived at the Airbnb it turned out the we are real winners and managed to get into the room quickly. Thus, nothing could stop me anymore of spending a splendid weekend in Dublin with one my best friends who is doing Erasmus in Spain and two Canadian friends of mine.

How do winners celebrate? With a Guinness, of course

the good stuff

As you can imagine, we had to celebrate our huge victory with pub food and some pints of beer afterwards. So, on the first evening we strolled through the bars of the famous “Temple Bar” quarter and enjoyed a really nice night in the busy streets. The following morning our first stop – you probably already guessed it – was the famous Guinness Storehouse.

Even though it is not the cheapest place to visit, at least for me it was worth every single cent. They really put a lot effort into how to present the story of Guinness and the production of beer. By learning how to taste beer and how to pour your perfect pint you gain life-saving knowledge (and you can also drink the pint afterwards which isn’t bad either). So, we almost spent three hours in there before our hunger drew us outside to find a decent restaurant. Obviously, just beer isn’t a filling breakfast - strange.

Me on a bycicle in the Guinnes Storehouse

Potter’s Library

After having lunch at a really fancy restaurant we wandered through Dublin towards the next stop on every tourist’s plan: Trinity College. This is a really impressive university and reminds you of Oxford or other famous British colleges. Thus, you almost feel the wisdom hailing down on you when entering the big courtyard. Obviously, we also went to see the Book of Kells – probably the fanciest book that is older than a thousand years. But to be honest, the big library you can visit after the book impressed me more. You have this utterly long, dark room with a great number of packed shelves and you feel like you’re walking through a movie set of Harry Potter.

Trinity College, view over Dublin from the Storehouse and the majestic library

Afterwards we spent the rest of the day exploring the Creative Quarter of Dublin – really nice hipster cafés and shops – and strolling along the riverside to take some pictures during the sunset and of the illuminated bridges and buildings (photo nerd strikes again). Another interesting monument in the city center is The Spire, also often called the needle. Basically, it is a 120-metre-high steel needle that rises up from one the main streets. And there is nothing more to it – it’s “just” oversized pin. Since Dublin doesn’t really have skyscrapers you can see this odd monument also from afar which makes it a good meeting point.

Sunside by the banks of the river Liffey

A turtle’s mating call

Anyway, this weekend was not only dedicated to getting to know Ireland’s capital. It was also full of laughter and it help increase our supply of insider jokes dramatically. Apart from the “winners, not quitters” story, we also got familiar with the best pick-up lines ever - please don’t ask me how it started. Small sample: “My love for you is like diarrhea. I can’t hold it in”. Another interesting tip in case you are bored right now: look up turtle mating on Youtube and turn your volume up - really juicy. I’m drifting off now- it was an awesome weekend that turned a multicultural bunch of student into real winners.

Some extra impressions of Dublin

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