A little party...

As you can probably imagine, doing Erasmus also involves a lot of going out. When you additionally live in a student accommodation and your new friends are highly motivated this can sometimes even lead to three or four nights of going out per week. During the first month in Ireland, I probably went to more parties than the whole previous year in Austria.

I may sound sarcastic or annoyed by so many social activities but to be honest, I really enjoyed it. From “Beer-pong-Tuesday”, to the obligatory student parties on Thursdays, to the weekly pub meetings on Fridays, only Saturdays remained a chill day/evening most of the time.

I won’t show you any other party images - so here’s a cat in lieu


What’s still strange about going out in Ireland is that every club/pub has – as already mentioned before – to stop the music at 2 a.m (or 2.30 in some clubs at the weekend). So, after the compulsory post-party junk food you will fall into bed at 3.30 at the very latest. To compensate this early end, we often start around 7p.m.

fancy fancy

A really special night out was the societies ball organized by our university. I did not really think about going to a ball or a similar event when packing my clothes for Ireland. Thus, I preferred raincoat over suit and left it at home. Out of this shortage of fancy clothes I hesitated to attend the ball in the beginning.

However, a friend convinced me (fortunately) and so we got to the venue in dark jeans and casual shirts. The event took place in a pompous hotel with large halls and even larger chandeliers. The whole complex was booked for our university and so the party happened on all three floors.

Me petting this particular cat (as I said, no more party pics) 

Irish dresscode

We Erasmus students clearly stood out against our Irish colleagues: expensive suits, short, glittering dresses and tons of makeup are high on the agenda. They already dress themselves up for a casual party but for this occasion they go above and beyond. This doesn’t only apply to their look but also to the level they party at – but I won’t go into much detail on this here. Anyway, we really had an awesome night, even without bow ties or jackets.

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