a stone

i kissed a stone

And I liked it - more or less. This romantic action took place at the best-known tourist attraction around Cork: The Blarney Castle. It is said that if one kisses the stone on the top of the castle you will be bestowed the gift of the gab. Thus, you should be able to speak fluently and gain a rich vocabulary afterwards. Of course, we didn’t let this chance slip and visited the Castle on a Saturday afternoon.

After arriving at Blarney, we headed straight towards the ruin where the stone lays. But you can’t just go up there and kiss it - that would be lame. First you have to lay down on your back and then hang upside-down over a drop before it eventually gets down to business. During this procedure you are backed by an old guy who grabs you by the hips.

Evidence of the wild action

Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy this intimate moment for a long time. As soon as you touched the Blarney stone with your lips the guy lifts you back up and pulls you off cloud nine. However, now I can proudly say that I shifted a stone (shift is an Irish youth term for making out). Okay, tongue wasn’t involved but still.

From tearing to dying

During this day I also learned the three stages of how funny something can be according to my Canadian friend: to a small joke you react with “I’m tearing”, if something amused you even more “You’re crying” and if you can’t stop laughing for 20 days you respond with “LOL, I’m dying”. So, remember, tearing, crying and finally dying.

Even better: the fancy mansion and the park around the castle

While memorizing these expressions we wandered through the gardens that surround Blarney Castle. In my opinion, they are even more impressive than the castle itself. From a section with poisonous plants and a fancy mansion to small waterfalls – the park is marvelous, and you can spend hours strolling around there.

Even though we visited Blarney in February we could even find the first flowers blossoming. As I learned later, spring officially starts on February 1st in Ireland due to the gulf stream air current. So, you can enjoy the first signifiers of Spring while Austria is still dominated by Father Frost. To be fair, the temperatures doesn’t increase further throughout spring in Ireland, it hovers slightly above ten degrees.

Spring is on it’s way, baby

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