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German Essentials

To be honest, I never thought that teaching someone German could be a fun pastime. But if that someone is a French guy who wants to know how to swear in German, it can brighten a long bus journey. So, while driving towards our next trip too West Cork, I taught my French friends the most crucial phrases you need to survive in Austria or Germany.

It all started off because he wanted to know have to say “March into Spain” because he wanted to tease our colleagues from Spain. He believes that German is the most aggressive sounding language (which is probably true, to be fair).

No, we weren’t going to Spain but to Sherkin Island

After mastering “Wir müssen einmarschieren in Spanien” he could not get enough, and I provided him with a number of odd phrases. As soon as we got to Baltimore, southwest Ireland, he was able to pronounce “Schlampe” or “du Luder” Accurately and repeated it at every opportunity. In case you didn’t know what, those words mean - Google is your friend.

isolation at it’s best

Once we arrive we took the ferry to Sherkin Island - a small Paradise which is inhabited by only 80 people. People who live on the island have to take a boat to work, to meet her friends and even to buy groceries. Nevertheless, you can find two pubs, a library and a branch of the Dublin Institute of Technology which offers a visual art degree on Sherkin Island. Anyway, I believe the gorgeous view the inhabitants awake to every day compensates for the remote location.

Sherkin Island
Sherkin Island
Sherkin Island
Sherkin Island
Sherkin Island
Sherkin Island
Sherkin Island
You won’t find much here except for stunning scenery - could be worse

This 5 km² island is comprised by a number of magnificent beaches, cliffs, bays and viewpoints. After dining - of course - Fish and chips, the sky cleared up and we were able to fill our memory cards with the pictures of the magnificent but lonely bay. After returning to the mainland, we could get some food and drinks at supermarket before we check into our accommodations. The whole hospital was booked for us Erasmus students and so we were able to have a nice party which included some self-distilled liquor made by the owner of the hospital.

Wouldn’t mind comuting by boat if I can wake up to this every day

more beautiful landscape

The next morning, we woke up and we hiked onto a hill near Lough Hyne in the morning. Yet again, I taught some German lessons and tried to perfect his pronunciation of the swear words I mentioned before. On the top of the hill there was a marvelous view waiting for us. While writing this, I constantly have to search for synonyms for beautiful as there’re so many beautiful views and Ireland.

Morning view over Lough Hyne

The last stop on our trip was Inchydoney beach. Before my time abroad, I wouldn’t think of using the word Ireland and the Word beach in the same sentence. But in fact, this was definitely in the top five beaches I have visited so far. Turquoise water and broad golden sands surrounded by soft green hills gives this place a special atmosphere. I could sit there at the seaside and watch the waves for ages.

In conclusion, this weekend was not only a nice opportunity to check out the Irish landscape, but I was able to get to know my fellow peers better. I could spread some spicy German for capillary among them and if you’re silent for a moment you can hear guys screaming “Schlampe” in France.

See some more images of this beauty

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