ending up alone? 

When going on Erasmus, socializing is a huge part of your daily life. Some students who want to go abroad might be afraid of not making any friends and ending up all by themselves. Some may find it exhausting or even embarrassing to go up to strangers and introduce themselves, but at least that wasn’t a problem for me.

Everyone is in the same boat since the majority of the Erasmus students come to the new country without knowing anybody. Thus, it’s not too difficult to get a bunch of people to hang out or even share the laundry costs with.

The people almost as nice as the fajitas on the plates (or even better) 

Cooking with “Strangers”

As soon as I had memorized most of the names, groups were slowly formed and we all started to get used to each other and consequently spent most of our free time together. We went on trips, cooked dinner and taught each other how to swear in all the languages that we spoke. Bottle flip contest were held to decide on who had to do the dishes or who paid for the next beer - needless to say, I often had to clean up or pay for beer.

Evening were dedicated to parties and trying to catch a taxi back home at 2 a.m. - a tricky issue in Cork as everyone has to leave the bar at 2 a.m. Initially feared communication barriers were quickly overcome, and some misunderstanding turned into funny inside jokes. For example, the chorus of “Wonderwall” was altered to “You’re gonna be the one that shaves me” (instead of saves) after somebody (again me) misheard it. Well, it’s amazing how close you get with the people who were literally strangers just a few days before- the bonding process happened really fast.

Please don’t give away to anyone that I told them to fake laugh

Perks of international friends

The best thing about all social activities, however is that after you return home you have friends in every corner of the world. From France, The Netherlands and Czechia to Canada and the US- you learn a lot about different cultures and lifestyle, you can swear in seven languages and you know someone wherever you’re travelling. As well know: Having worldwide connections is essential - but if you can call these connections your friends, you are more than lucky

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