A source of joy (beer)

I’d say pubs will come to your mind pretty quickly if you’re thinking of Ireland. The island has about 7,500 pubs and there is one pub for every 630 people; so, when you travel through the tiniest villages you can be sure to find at least one pub selling fine Irish beer.

Consequently, it didn’t take me long until I first ventured into these popular rustic bars along with some other Erasmus students. Inside the pub everything seemed like you expected it to be: charming, folksy rooms, walls decorated with old signs and pictures of delicate stouts flowing out of the taps. Maybe it’s only my perception but in my view, the real Irish pubs have a certain kind of atmosphere; pubs in Austria are just trying to imitate.

Some lovely pints

The Austrian language

As you can imagine, I enjoyed sitting there with a glass of Murphy’s or Guinness, listening to some nice live music and getting to know my fellow peers better. Gradually, I started to remember all their name which was one of the biggest issues during this semester.

Moreover, the repetitive introduction phase. “Hello, I’m Michael. I’m from Austria- we speak German there - and I’m studying Visual Communications- that’s kind of graphic design.” I was already used to people not knowing what my field of study is, but surprisingly many people were not aware of the main language in Austria. From, English, Hungarian and Italian to Dutch and French, people assumed a great number of languages to be the official one used in my country.

Probably the most famous Pub - the Temple Bar

misterious second Floor

However back to the pub itself. After a while, we realized that this establishment included a second floor. On this “mystical floor” I got to see for the first time how the Irish youth celebrate and damn, they celebrate really hard. To be fair, you could see an excessive amount of alcohol being consumed. When we walked up the stairs, heavily drunk people stumbled down with almost green faces- it was 10 p.m. and they were already ready to throw up. (Probably a little early because pubs and clubs close at 2 am in Ireland.)

I’d rather not show you pictures from inside the pub

Irish girls obviously love to dress themselves up for a night out - or rather to undress themselves. While the male counterparts are casually attired, the girls go full monty. Girls wore dresses or other tiny pieces of clothes, that are shorter them most of my T-shirts; sometimes it didn’t even cover the most important parts. They’re constantly trying to adjust their clothes but without enough fabric all the adjusting is no use.

It’s also rather common for them to wear nothing but an ordinary bra for a party. High heels, that most girls aren’t even capable of walking in and of course the over use of make up on their face, rounds their whole outfit together. Apart from that, Irish girl have no sense of coldness as they don’t even wear a jacket when going to or leaving the bar. This interesting social phenomenon was not only limited to this particular pub. During my time in Cork, I learned that drinking and light dressing are obviously a norm among the Irish youth.

After this I’d recommend you a strong glass of whiskey

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