a proper campus

American and quite big: that was my first impression of my university in Ireland, the Cork Institute of Technology. Unlike the main university in Cork - UCC - it’s a traditional British college and is situated on the outskirts of the city. There Is a modern main building which comprises and event-hall, a shop, bistros, a medical center and everything else that students might need. The second part is not as fancy in terms of the architecture (with the charming nickname prison) but you can find an immense canteen with an even immense selection there.

I'll only show you the nicer part - you can make the "prison" up in your mind

The biggest difference from my university in Austria is the dynamic social life on campus. They off all kinds of free time activities: from various sports to a photography club and even an origami society. You can watch a movie every Tuesday evening or go on one of the trips. So, in contrast to Austria, many Irish students spend a lot of their leisure time at the campus - and the best part about it: it’s all free if you are enrolled in a course.

getting fat (and fit again)

On the induction day our guide told us to remember one thing: “If its free, take is and run!” (and also, don’t lose your student ID card). I soon realized what he was trying to express: on the first day, we were offered free pizza, drinks, candies, sim cards and various kind of merchandise.

Red bricks everywhere

Also, during the rest of the semester, I encountered complimentary treats every now and then. For example, the usage of the gym on the campus was free of charge (even went twice, surprisingly) and also the participation in one of the numerous sports clubs was gratis, most of the time.

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