Since we’re already talking about Irish stereotypes you inevitably come across the classic Irish weather which is said to be wet, seasonal and rather chilly. Well, to start off, the temperatures are quite nice when you have just arrived from a frosty, snowy January in Austria. In my first week, the Irish weather gods had already demonstrated what they’re capable of.

03:00 pm - marvellous sunshine

The really awesome International Society of my university in Cork, arranged a free trip to a nature park called Gougane Barra. This society is an organisation that is managed by other students and offers a ton of trips or other social activities to foreign students. All new exchange students had the opportunity to get to know each other on the first weekend during this excursion.

four seasons in one hour

The place is absolutely stunning and is comprised of so many different landscapes so many different landscapes within a small area. From mountains and waterfalls to meadows and woods while all surrounding a little church on a lake. Anyway, the weather during the trip was absolutely crazy. Within one hour, it changed from sunshine to ten minutes of heavy rainfall and overcast skies. Followed again, by a short appearance of the sun, a light shower, rainbows and some clouds with rain before it finally settled into magnificent sunshine again. Still the weather didn’t ruin our mood - rather the opposite it became the center of several running gags.

03:05 pm - pouring rain
03:10 pm - oh look, a rainbow
03:05 pm - pouring rain, 03:10 pm - oh look, a rainbow
03:20 pm - and it’s sunny again

I guess that examples showcase the weather on the island quite well: It unpredictable. You have to expect rain anytime and there for must not forget your rain coats. Umbrella can be pretty inconvenient due to the wind - believe me, the wind is stronger than your umbrella. The Irish, however, are not bothered by the rain. They just go out and about without paying any attention to it and they never seem to mind getting wet. Consequently, they hardly ever use an umbrella or a raincoat. Maybe Irish people are water-repellent - that would be the only logical explanation.

Some more captures of Gougane Barra

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