all austrians love schnitzel

Everyone tells you to avoid stereotyping and not judge people by their country of origin, but naturally you do - like thinking that all Austrians are obsessed with Schnitzel. The judgmental thoughts that always pop into you read first are usually the negative ones but the worst thing you could do is to discriminate people according to their nationality. Especially if you’re going to a new country without knowing anybody, it’s not wise to classify people beforehand - nobody likes those jerks. Thus, came to Ireland having cleared al previous clichés of other countries from my mind.

well, maybe...

However, it didn’t take me long to realize that some stereotypes exist for a reason. They’re not particularly bad- some stereotypes are related to certain habits or even characteristics. For example, on my second night I went out with a bunch of Spanish people who had already studied in Cork for a few months. When talking about Spanish parties, you probably have a clear picture in your head: intensive dancing, fast talking and endless energy - and during the night, I could tell that this is definitely true. Mucho Fiesta, AYAYA!

Apart from that, I met some French people who did anything and everything to avoid speaking English. The majority of the international students in Cork were French- almost my whole building was occupied by them. They tended to stick together and talk in their mother tongue even if you were standing right next to them. Of course, there were exceptions as well.

Seven nationalities and hundreds of clichés in one image

The Irish were another group that often matched their stereotypes. In general, they are all pretty helpful and open-minded people, they are never stressed (likely to be unpunctual), they apologize for literally everything and they always thank the bus driver when getting off. As you can see, clichés are not always negative. Nevertheless, don’t judge others before you get to know them - many Austrians are crazy about Schnitzel (just as I am) but not everyone is though. *moralizer mode off*

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