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This book may contain subjective views, a lot of sarcasm and some bad jokes about almost everything I encountered during those four months. You are allowed to disagree with the written content so therefore you can just look at the pictures.


Without people there would be no stories to tell. Perhaps there would be stories, but would they be worth telling anybody? Thus, I’m happy to say that the following ladies and gentlemen became part of my adventure and backed me in any way. <3

Juju, Matt, Czechia, BJ, Michael, Kamil, Logan, Julia, Coralie, Camille, Margo, Yacin, WEn ning, Connor, Andrew, Charlotte, Karina and everyone in VisCom Year 2 

My Family, Anja, Anna, Dani, Mini, Julia, Eva, Carla, Vroni, Viki, Robert and bene

Special thanks to Juju for proofreading everything and to my friends from university who supported me in the creation of this digital book - especially my flatmate, Kathi, who helped me taking some last images.

Just some of the beautiful people I met

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A digital book on studying in Ireland
That’s absolutely grand that you’re here for stories on pints, sheep and shamrocks.
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